Chorale Africa Audition Form
Thank You for your interest in Chorale Africa! We are always thrilled to welcome highly committed and talented people to join our #AwesomeFamily and together, build the leading choir in Africa!

Chorale Africa is a choir of excellence and prepares itself to be heard by a world-wide audience, hence our quest for consistently excellent performance. To perform at such a high level with limited rehearsal time requires intense effort.

Membership of Chorale Africa will be your principal musical engagement and will often take you away from your family and home. The decision to apply for membership in the Choir should be well thought through and should advisedly have the cooperation and support from family members. Be sure you have considered this critical aspect of service before embarking on the audition process.

If you are sure you can unreservedly commit to this vision, then we heartily welcome you to join this #AwesomeFamily by completing this Audition Form.
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