Record your attendance or absence after each training session and no later than 7 days after the date of the teaching event.
To ensure accuracy we request contemporaneous data. Data after this time may be discarded.
Fair Use Privacy Notice
Your data is used solely to enable us to monitor your attendance and help improve the quality of GP training. Your attendance is summarised from the data you provide. A password protected summary of the attendance data we hold is accessible to all trainee, and Educational Supervisors to allow you and your supervisors to assess and compare your attendance. You and all those provided with access to trainee data are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of the data. We are concerned for your privacy and will treat any data breach as a serious event.
Your Personal Details are used for the Attendance Record ONLY. Your feedback is anonymised
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Take special care with your GMC number
Errors may mean your attendance is not recorded!
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Your email address is used to contact you with attendance information
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Attendance Calculation
We calculate your expected attendance based on your working pattern and the number of months since you first joined the VTS.
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The next question is asking how many months since you first joined the training scheme as a GP trainee? For most ST1 trainees this will be less than 12 months. For most ST2 and ST3 trainees this will be 12 or more months.
Months since first joining the VTS *
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