2017 Berkeley STARTALK Chinese Teacher Credential Enrichment Program application form
For questions, please contact Dr. Stella Kwoh,
Academic Director, UC Berkeley National Center for K-16 Chinese Language Pedagogy Program Director, 2017 Berkeley STARTALK Credential Enrichment Program
Email: stellakwoh@berkeley.edu
Telephone: (510) 642-8390
PART I. Personal Information
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You have completed the first part of this application. Please follow the instructions below to complete the application process:
1. Download and complete the personal information file

2. Click the following link to upload your personal info file and your Resume or Curriculum Vitae (in English).
2-1 Please name your personal information file as: lastname_firstname_CE17
For example: Smith_John_CE17

2-2 And name your English Resume or Curriculum Vitae file as: lastname_firstname_CV17
For example: Presley_Elvis_CV17

<<In order for your application to be processed, all required documents ( with the correct file name) must be submitted.


3. Click "choose from computer " button and locate your file. Then upload your personal information form and English
resume or Curriculum Vitae.

Record a video for personal introduction including the reasons why you would like to become a credentialed Mandarin teacher.( in Chinese)
How to upload video to Youtube : https://blogs.constantcontact.com/how-to-upload-video-to-youtube/

Please choose " unlisted" in your privacy setting

Personal video link ( upload your video and provide the link ONLY) *
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Reminder: Download the “Reference Request Form”
a) Download the Reference Request Form
b) Ask your principal to complete the Reference Request Form
c) Ask your principal to email the completed Reference Request Form to stellakwoh@berkeley.edu ( By Aug 3, 2017)
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