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What would you say makes you most active in a typical day? (for example, is it your job, your hobby, or looking after others?)
Which sport and physical activity facilities do you use in Winwick?
Why do you currently use these facilities? (for example, is it because they are closest to you, this is where the activity you want is, or something else?)
What mode of transport do you normally use to travel to local facilities for sport and leisure uses?
How far do you normally travel to access sport and physical activity facilities?
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When do you normally use the facilities?
How would you rate the current sport and physical activity facilities in Winwick? *
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If local sport and physical activity facility prices had to increase to enable upgrades or improvements, how much extra would you be willing to pay?
What would help you to lead a more active daily life in Winwick?
What currently stops you being more active on a daily basis in Winwick?
What would you like to see in Winwick that would encourage you to be more active?
If sport and physical activity facilities in Winwick were improved, would you use them?
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If investment were available, would you support a like for like replacement?
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If investment were available, would you like to see something different?
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If investment were available, do you have any ideas or suggestions that would make the facility more appealing or usable for the local community? 
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