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Why work with Qlue?
At Qlue, we have a tremendous opportunity to build smarter and connected nations. We are in our early stage to develop a reliable platform to push transparency across governance and social layers.

Within the past year, Qlue has empowered citizens in many cities in Indonesia to get their aspiration heard and acknowledged by government and enterprises, as such citizens are in control to improve the expected satisfaction.

We facilitate government to take action on Qlue’s public reports by providing them a smart city dashboard. Now, the governors can monitor the situations in the whole city, such as the traffic, waste and disposal, crime, energy consumption, disaster as well as the performance of the district officials and on ground officers.

We are a company focused on implementing Smart City Technology to push for a sustainable, safer city overall, and promotes government transparency and accountability. We worked closely with city institutions, local communities, and police departments in combating threats such as drugs, terrorism, and other crime-related reports.

If you are a self-driven, hard-working, caring citizens who look forward to making an impact in the society, then we’d like to invite you to participate in our pioneering team.

Today, you too can act on the opportunities listed below!

Thank you!

- If you know anyone who fit for such mission and role below, appreciate your 1 minute to share the opportunity.
- If you don't find any opening matching you, please don't hesitate to drop your resume.

Watch Qlue collaboration with Jakarta Smart City here:

Product & Developer Division:
- UI/UX Researcher Intern
- Web Developer Intern
- Front End Developer Intern
- Back End Developer Intern
- IT Business Analyst Intern
- Data Analyst Intern

Customer Success Division:
-Customer Success Intern

Marketing Division:
- Graphic Designer Intern
- Video/Photographer Intern
- Event Partnership Intern

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