A few things you need to know before you sign up:
This trip is not for absolute beginners; you must have some experience in using crampons and ice axe, moving on snow and making decisions for yourself in an alpine environment. Ideally, you would have completed the club's SnowCraft course or similar. You must be a current member of the NZAC, over 18 years of age, have enough fitness to climb unsupported carrying all your gear to the hut on Friday night. The terrain is low to moderate angle snow and rock slopes with possibly ice so you must have reasonably good ice axe & crampon skills.

PLEASE NOTE that club members are not available to act as a guide. You must be able to make independent decisions.

The Plan (OCT 13-14th):
We will be driving down on Friday after work and climbing up the NZAC Ruapehu hut in the dark, which is a 1-2 hour walk off-track in snow with all your gear & food on your back.
Saturday morning we will walk up to the summit plateau and attempt to build caves or set up camp as conditions allow. Sunday morning will be free for self-organised climbing of the various peaks around the plateau, before packing up camp and heading back to Auckland.
The hut has all cooking equipment for Friday night and Saturday morning ( but you will need to be self-sufficient while camping up on the plateau... we will try and ensure there are enough tents in case conditions do not allow us to build caves, but there is no guarantee. Please let us know if you have an alpine tent you can bring.

Gear you will need:
Ice axe
Full mountain clothing suitable for winter conditions on Ruapehu (please contact the trip facilitator if you are unsure what to bring, not having suitable clothing or equipment may prevent you from participating on the trip)
Sleeping bag (3-4 Seasons, approximately 550 – 750gms down fill or synthetic equivalent will suffice. Sleeping bag warmth ratings are very subjective. If you feel the cold, choose a warmer bag. )
Bivvy bag. Not mandatory, but a good one will keep you drier.
Sleeping Matt. Closed cell foam is best, add an inflatable Therma-rest for extra comfort.
Avalanche transceiver, shovel & probe
Sun cream & Sunglasses
Water bottle
Food: Bring Lunch & Breakfast for Saturday & Sunday; Dinner for Saturday night that can be cooked on a camp stove; Snacks for 2 days. Friday night & Sunday night dinner on the road.

Shared Gear: Cooker. Gas canister or white spirits is suitable.
*Full gear list will be emailed out in advance of the trip.

Just in Case:
If the conditions look bad, we may call off the trip, change the plan, or change the requirements of the trip. The call will be made on the Thursday before & you will be contacted you via email.

To ease the load and share costs, I have added an option to share a ride. If you are able to drive down and offer others a lift, please indicate in the form following. If you would like to share food with others, please arrange this for yourself. In order to keep in contact with everyone over the weekend, we ask that you give the club permission to share your contact details with everyone on the trip.

Cost: $20 for accommodation. Bring your own food and meet your own transport costs. The hut fees must be paid up to secure your spot on the trip.
Bank details: THE NEW ZEALAND ALPINE CLUB. 38-9006-0329924-00. Please enter "Snow Camp" and your name in the detail fields

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Skills & Experience
Please tell us about your previous experience & skills. PLEASE NOTE, if the trip facilitator is not confident that you have sufficient skills or experience to participate on this trip and is not able to offer you support, your application may be rejected.
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Do you have the technical skills required as outlined in the trip description.
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I am joining this trip for social connection and to share transport only. I won’t be needing advice or support from others and I plan be independent.
Individual Clothing & Gear *
I am able to assemble clothing and mountaineering gear suitable for this trip. I recognise that if any essential gear is missing, the trip facilitator may refuse my participation for safety reasons and no refund will be given. Please note, the club has gear for hire. If you need any other items, please contact the trip organiser to see if he/she can help.
IMPORTANT INFO: Please read carefully *
NZAC organised trips are essentially a way for like-minded people to meet and climb together. Participants are not ‘guided’ and are responsible for their own actions and safety. "I accept that climbing activities involve risks of injury or death from falls, ice and rock fall, avalanches, and cold conditions. Trip facilitators may be in a position to help me manage these risks, but I accept that I’m solely responsible for my own safety. I am over 18 years of age. I certify that the information provided above is complete, truthful, and accurate. I give permission for the club to share my contact details with other participants on the trip."
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