2020/21 FRC Allendale Robotics Sign-Up (TriSonics)
Welcome and thank you for showing interest in the Allendale Robotics Programs. We offer programs for all age levels and have opportunities for both students and adults.

Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic we cannot guarantee that we will have a 2020-21 FRC Season at this time, but we do request that if you are interested in the team you sign up to help us with seasonal planning and any virtual workshops we may have in the fall. A decision on the FRC Season will be made by December.

These forms will guide you through our sign-up process. The information gathered is used by the coaches of the teams and is not shared with any other groups or individuals outside of our organization.

Please also note that these are for interest only (each team is different and will have more information). Our organization is 100% volunteer led, and, due to that, some teams may have limited team members allowed. For teams that are limited we invite parents to volunteer to help coach and lead teams. . . it is through these opportunities we have been able to offer the program at all the levels. There are also opportunities to volunteer to help the team in many other areas not related to directly coaching.

If you have any questions please visit our website at www.allendalerobotics.com or e-mail chad@allendalerobotics.com.

This Signup form is for the FRC Team 4003, TriSonics. This is the High School Level Team. If you intended to Signup for a different age group please goto http://allendalerobotics.com/teams/frc/sign-up and select the proper team and sign-up.

Else, select Continue to complete the FRC Team Registration.
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