Leaders decompression zone
A decompression zone for leaders - would you sign up?

The future seems almost impossible to predict, and our collective and creative human imagination in preparing for it becomes more paramount with each day that passes.

Jillian Reilly (Antacara Futures) and Gaylin Jee (33 Emeralds) have been exploring ideas around how leaders can decompress after the year, and orientate to the one that lies in wait.

Based on multiple sources of feedback, their bold move is to design an in-person gathering at an out-of-town venue where nature and open space is plentiful. The programme would be informal, respectful, discursive, experiential and generative. But what will it look like? What will we do and cover? How long is good for you?

Please take a few minutes, no more than 5, to tell us more.
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