List of Workshops and the Children's Programme
Exarchate of Orthodox Parishes of Russian Tradition in Western Europe
Deanery of Great Britain and Ireland
Conference & Festival 2019
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NB workshops are not compulsory, but their size is limited and you may find your choice(s) are oversubscribed - so, 'first come, first served!'
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Parents' Forum: Raising Children in Britain today
An informal forum for discussion and sharing ideas about being a spiritually healthy parent and raising Orthodox children in everyday life.
2 sessions: Elie Hériard & Viktor Mastoridis
Ikon Workshop
Two practical workshops on icons, inspired by the theme of the conference.
2 sessions: Patsy Fostiropoulos (limited to 12 people)
'A harmonious strain of theology': Learning and teaching our faith through liturgical texts.
The idea for this is directly inspired by the work that Fr Michael Fortounatto is currently engaged in, writing theological commentaries on some of the services and connecting the theological content with the singing.
2 sessions: Elizabeth Theokritoff
Workshop on Conference themes
Orthodoxy and its relationship with modern science and ethics.
2 sessions: Jim Hyndman
Sickness & Suffering
Reflections on Sickness and Suffering in relation to the theme of the Conference
2 sessions: Elena Narinskaya
Children and Young Adult Programmes
We provide two programmes at this event: a Children's Programme for ages 4-10 and a Young Adults Programme, for 11-17. This year the help of the parents with the Children's Programme will be crucial, as many of the regular volunteers are not able to come.
Can I be Orthodox and Cool? (11 to 17 years )
by Ginka Mastoridis & Fr Augustine. Please write below the NAMES and AGES of the registered children who are going to participate in this programme.
Children's Programme (4-10 years)
by Viktor Mastoridis, Helpers & Parents. This year, children are invited to participate on the condition that one parent is expected to contribute 2-3 hours to the programme. A rota of parents will be circulated before the start of the Conference, but the shifts can be swapped on site, with the agreement of Viktor and the Helpers. Please write below the NAMES and AGES of the registered children who are going to participate in this programme, as well as the NAME OF ONE PARENT who is going to contribute 2-3 hours.
*Extra workshops (free time)
The following workshops will take place in the free time
The Vanguard of Heaven
We are the people of God, we are the people whom He has chosen to send us into the world to make of it the Kingdom of Heaven. But this Kingdom begins within us.’ (Metropolitan Anthony of Sourozh)
1 session, Saturday: Protodeacon Peter Scorer & Elena Sadovnikova
No registration needed. Please indicate your general interest.
Good works: their power to transform lives of both givers and recipients
Some testimonies to the transformative power of “good works” with special reference to the St Gregory’s Foundation
1 session, Sunday: Jane Jones and others
No registration needed. Please indicate your general interest.
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