Share your power, share your ride
This is a friendly questionnaire to gather information on the potential development of a community of electric and hybrid vehicles users that join to share their vehicles and charging points to overcome range limitations, encourage new users to switch to electric mobility solutions and change urban mobility.

I have tried to design it so that it is fun to go through it! Thanks a lot for your time!

An electrified community of travelers
What is your age group?
How long have you had your Electric/Hybrid Vehicle? *
How often do you drive your Electric/Hybrid Vehicle? *
Would you be willing to engage on a peer to peer renting community of Electric/Hybrid vehicles? *
Do you count on a charging installation at home? *
Would you be willing to offer your home charging installation as a charging point to other community members? *
Would you engage on more road trips if you had the confidence provided by a network of private charging points available to you? *
Would you be open to receiving suggestions on routes including these charging points as holiday plans? *
Is your Electric/Hybrid vehicle the only vehicle at home?
How did you decide on the purchase of an Electric/ Hybrid vehicle? *
Would you change to diesel/petrol after your experience?
Country of residence:
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Any suggestions that would incline you towards joining such a community?
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