MASHH Volunteer application
Read the intro by clicking here: Welcome and thank you for applying to volunteer with us. Herbal Wellness/Herbal First Aid is a place you love to be!
Because we are committed to providing the highest-quality care and resolve to Do No Harm, we've created a lengthy volunteer application but please do not be deterred. Although we need for most applicants to have applicants to have previous training or experience in herbal medicine to participate in our herbal first aid and wellness clinics, we welcome and honor many modalities and levels of experience and modalities. Community herbalists, bodyworkers and acupuncturists are welcome depending on the needs of the event. Our clinic model has a minimum of one lead herbalist per shift, a first aid practitioner who leads triage, another who could have lesser first aid clinic experience assisting, and other modalities as events permit. Herbalists who have lesser first aid and clinical experience may be assisting as long as we each practice a strict policy of ‘do no harm’ along with a philosophy of non-judgmental care: Stay within your skill level, stick to what you know, and if you don’t then ask questions, watch and listen. Working an herbal clinic provides a great opportunity to learn from each other, the plants and the people we serve. Harmony and flow in working together is just as important as experience.

To learn more about MASHH’S mission, vision, our Principles of Unity visit our website at Thank you for applying to work with us. We really look forward to hearing from you and don’t hesitate to ask if you have any questions.
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Please introduce yourself: (share only what you’re comfortable with) Your legal name, and the name you use / prefer to be called by us:
Event/s applying for, if you know:
Phone Number:
Emergency Contact:
Driver’s License #:
Address / bioregion / basecamp zone:
What is your age and pronoun?
What is your level of experience as a health care practitioner?
State(s) where you are licensed and license number. Expiration of License.
What do you consider your top skill and/or specialty?
Tell us about your education (experience, degrees, formal training, apprenticeships, etc. If an herbalist please list names of teachers and schools along with the tradition you follow (Indigenous healer, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Western Herbalism, Community Herbalist, Ayurvedic, etc:)
Please list relevant medical certifications: (Please attach a picture or copy of your certifications, past or present. It’s preferred but not always necessary that a certification be current so don’t be intimidated! We honor experience, too):
Please list two references in your related healthcare field.
List affiliations with any unions, medical groups or collectives:
If you are a trained Street Medic, provide reference information for who trained you.
Have you worked with MASHH before? Taken trainings?
Why are you interested in working with MASHH in herbal wellness/first aid?
Who referred you / How did you hear about us?
Are you able to fulfill a commitment to the number of hours listed in the job description?
Some questions about our collective values: MASHH is proud to be an equal opportunity work environment and is an affirmative action organization.
Would you consider yourself well versed in cultural competency? Please explain:
What languages do you speak and/or understand and at what fluency level?
Have you had Anti-oppression training? Please explain:
Are you familiar with or fluent in Non Violent Communication (NVC)?
Clear selection
Experience with horizontal organizing or Anarchistic collective style:
Are you versed in your rights as a health practitioner with Good Samaritan Laws?
Experience or competency with LBGTQIA identities and their health needs:
Please help us determine how you function under difficult circumstances:
Describe methods you employ to deal with stressful situations and conflict:
Describe how you approach making informed and thoughtful decisions particularly in dealing with other people's physical pain:
How do you see yourself functioning in group decision-making situations?
What do you consider your strongest qualities to be in your area of practice?
What are your areas of specialization/areas you have experiencewith/populations you like to work with?
What areas are you challenged in that need the most attention/work?
What do you consider to be your strongest personal qualities?
Please share any physical and/or mental health issues that would be helpful for us to know about (ie. medications, allergies, injuries, illness etc.):
Do you have specific trauma-related issues that could hinder your ability to perform at your best in a first aid situation?
Any issues or triggers with authority figures, uniforms?
Are you well versed in your personal stress management and can you adequately provide for your own self care needs and routines?
Can you be well rested and will your immune system be ready to handle the many different microbes you could be coming in contact with?
Do you have specific dietary limitations?
Do you have experience in primitive, off-grid camping situations and possess adequate equipment for your personal comfort needs (i.e. warm sleeping bag, waterproof tent, comfortable boots, ear protection, shade, etc.) so that you will be present and comfortable?
We are sensitive about perpetuating ableism but in light of the need to lift heavy totes and bins associated with our clinic, we want to know what you can contribute if you are not capable of hard physical labor/being on your feet for 6-12 hours a day?
Will you be bringing children? If yes, how many and what ages? We will work to accommodate parents, however, it is important to be aware of safety hazards. No bare feet is crucial. Good communication with core staff about safety concerns is key.
What else can you bring to the table as an offering? (skills, gear, supplies, equipment, allies, food, herbs, etc)
Misc: (if applicable to the event)
Make, Model & Color of vehicle traveling in:
Arrival & Departure details:
About your practice:
Would you be interested in teaching classes, workshops or groups, and if so, what would you like to teach? (If you have a lot of classes you like to teach, a sample list of ones you might be interested in offering in the coming months would be great).
How long are your sessions (intakes and follow-ups)?
What is your fee (for intakes and follow-ups)?
Do you have products that you make or offer in your practice and would like to sell at the clinic? If so, what are they?
What is your practice contact info, so that we can add it to our referral network?
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