Quiz - Do you need RM101?
Does your course require students to sleep outdoors (or in cabins) together away from town for at least one night?
Have you talked with your program administration to determine your institution’s overall level of risk tolerance?
Do you have a few clear, concise learning objectives (or mission statement) that you and your staff can easily remember in order to keep your course focused and on track?
When you designed the course activities (tasks that students will complete to learn the content), did you consider multiple ways to teach the same concepts and chose the option with the highest learning value and lowest risk of harm?
Do you have instructor standards that must be met, such as medical training, hiking/navigation skills, or driver training, prior to hiring/assigning instructors to teach this field course?
Do you have a emergency planning tools in place in case a student is seriously injured during a field course?
Optional: What type of program are you designing or do you currently teach that made you interested in RM101?
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