Science Policy Trivia Night - Questions!
Thank you for your interest in participating in this informal evening of trivia all about science and policy, and a little networking to make new friends along the way. Please feel free to submit any questions you'd like to see included in the science policy trivia night here. We may or may not use these questions.

Please limit one question per form entry - it's easier for us to sort through your submissions that way. Fact-checking is encouraged, as even the best of us can get answers wrong (*clears throat* apparently, the 12th element in the periodic table isn't carbon).

This event is sponsored by the Toronto Science Policy Network. For more info on TSPN visit:

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Submit your questions here!
E.g. What is the fear of spiders called?
Submit the answer(s) to your question here!
E.g. Arachnophobia
Do you have any general comments to share? Is there a particular Q format you want us to try out?
E.g. We were thinking about trying out a spelling bee at some point, What is that sound? or playing a game of "Have You Ever..." with people closing off their video every time they haven't done a particular activity.
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