Pre - Commissioning Form
Please complete all sections and submit to book heatpump commissioning. One of our service engineers will be in contact with you to arrange an appointment. It is important for Installer, Electrician and Homeowner to be available for commissioning / handover. Please note only point of contact for commissioning queries is E-Mail
Due to poor system completion levels Unitherm has had to enforce a tighter Pre-Commissioning check list. Please do not continue form unless you have confirmation from persons involved that all items below have been completed. Unitherm are not insured to make either plumbing or electrical changes to systems during commissioning. Any items left undone will result in engineer leaving site without issuing a commissioning cert. A second commissioning call out will result in a non disputable fee of €250 (Incl Vat). This is a zero tolerance policy for all as it is hoped to improve commissioning wait times for installers.
Commissioning Request Checklist
Please ensure all boxes are ticked below before requesting engineer to site.
Heatpump Refrigeration *
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Electrician has given confirmation that entire 1st and 2nd fix wiring is terminated as per this projects drawings supplied by Unitherm *
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Optional HRV Commissioning
Unitherm Supplied Heat Recovery System Commissioning Required? (€250)
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Please use Eircode if available, if not please drop pin on Google maps and copy co-ordinates ONLY into space below image. Format required either 53.291272, -9.001589 or 53°17'46.8"N, 9°00'13.8W"
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