PSP Faculty Verification and Survey
The Public Speaking Project Faculty User Survey
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Credential Verification
You MUST be faculty in order to get access to the instructor's materials and online faculty lounge. If you are a student, STOP HERE. We verify each and every person who completes this form.

Faculty, please use the email address from the school where you teach and provide the URL to your faculty webpage if one is available. Thanks!
Full Name *
Please use the same name here that you will use when you create a user ID and password for the faculty lounge (next step after this survey).
Your email address at the institution *
(this is used to help verify your identity - no Yahoo, gmail, etc. please)
I would like to receive email updates on the PSP website, which would include notification of additional content or significant changes to exisiting pages. *
(Updates would be sent monthly and we will provide notice of temporary website maintenance or repair)
Rank / Role *
Name of your institution *
Direct supervisor *
Used for verification purposes if your credentials are not online
Supervisor’s email *
Used for verification purposes if your credentials are not online
URL of a work web page with your name and contact information. An email that matches the one just submitted and picture on it would be great too.
This will be the fastest way to verify your credentials.
Gender *
Ethnic / Racial Background *
Check all that apply.
Use of the Public Speaking Project
What are the reasons why you are using the PSP website or text? *
(check all that apply)
How did you hear about the Public Speaking Project? *
About how many of your students will be using the PSP website this academic year? (Including fall, spring, winter and summer sessions) *
Tell Us About Your Teaching
How many years have you been teaching public speaking (or related class)? *
For which class(es) will the materials on this website be used? *
(check all that apply)
Are you using a course management system like D2L or Blackboard to teach the course? *
Describe the format of the course(es) for which you will be using the PSP website face-to-face 100% *
(check all that apply)
Textbook Resources
We can send you a free sample packet of the instructor resources if you wish, or when you are done with this survey, you create a user name for the faculty lounge and THEN you will have the option of purchasing these resources. They will not be sent until you are verified, but supporters of our website are verified first so that your materials can be sent as quickly as possible. Students posing as faculty should not attempt to purchase these materials.
Send me examples of the instructor resources after I have been verified. *
A "read only" PDF file with test bank questions, chapter outlines, video PPTs and chapter activities.
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