Analytics API quota request form
Quota increase guidelines
Thank you for using the Google Analytics API!

Before requesting additional quota please confirm the following:

(1) Review the following information on Configuration and Reporting API Limits and Quotas.

(2) You have reviewed the Error Messages you're receiving and have taken appropriate action as suggested in the Error Responses document:

(3) You should be using >80% of your current quota before requesting an increase. Otherwise, please provide details on how you calculated the expected quota requirements (e.g. # of views/profiles, expected number of requests/view per day, etc.).

(4) Configuration data requests
Typically configuration data (information about Google Analytics accounts, properties, views (profiles), etc.) does not change frequently. If your application makes a large number of requests for configuration information in relation to the number of reporting data requests there is likely an opportunity to optimize your application to reduce quota usage. Please consider aggressively caching configuration data and using AccountSummaries instead of requesting account, property, and view (profile) data separately. For details see

(5) For Management API: User Permissions changes.
For developers that are requesting a quota increase for write operations for User Permissions changes via the Management API. It is likely that you do not require a quota increase. You should use batching for user permissions changes for increased performance and quota savings. For details see

(6) Real Time Reporting API request intervals
For Real Time Reporting API requests we recommend that the shortest request interval/period be 15-30s with intervals >30s preferred. If you expect a large and growing user base then having a larger request interval will reduce the number of requests you need to make and will improve the likelihood of receiving quota increases over time as you add more users.

(7) Amount of quota to request for first time requests and general guidelines.
One of the main reasons for quotas is to protect systems (another is to ensure equitable access to resources for all developers). It is recommended to request no more than 100,000 requests/day or 1000 writes/day for an initial increase. Large initial quota increases are NOT usually granted even for launches. As your usage grows you can make additional quota increase requests. If you have a history of efficient API usage and proper error handling then increases have a much greater chance of being approved quickly.

After reviewing and complying with the notes above, please answer the following questions so we may better evaluate your request for more quota.
Best Practices for Google Analytics API Quotas
Please review and accept the Google Privacy Policy ( and Google Terms of Service ( before proceeding.
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