Parent Questionnaire for 2020-2021 Planning
Please reflect on these positions through the lens of our Vision and Mission:
*Our vision is to be the model of educational excellence through innovative arts integration and intercultural understanding.
*Our mission is inspire every student to be a confident global citizen and critical thinker through a rigorous, arts-integrated, and innovative academic community.

We have 4 specialty positions allocated through the magnet funding (Dance Drama, Music, and STEAM) plus 1 additional position (Spanish). Spanish is a requirement for the IB Primary Year's Programme and with the plans to expand our enrollment beginning in Fall of 2020, we will not be considering cutting the Spanish position. Due to budget cuts, we will be taking a 10% reduction in our magnet funding. This will reduce one of our 4 specialty positions to a 50% position. Given this current reduction, we need to make a decision about our specialty classes for the next school year. A few years ago a decision was made to have a STEAM class and to integrate visual art within our regular classrooms by the classroom teachers with addition of after school visual art conservatory. Since that decision, there have been conversations about bringing back a visual art teacher. This is a very difficult decision to be made as we value the program and energy put into all of our specialty classes. With the need to reduce a position to 50%, we need to reflect on our specialty needs at Vista Academy. Keep in mind, funding can change, and we may not be able to choose the person filling the position because of district transfers and placements.

All students currently attend weekly classes in Dance, Drama, Music and STEAM. These classes focus on arts standards and other content areas are integrated into the weekly lessons.

Below are the descriptions specialty class choices:
Dance: Student learn the foundations of dance through the disciplines such as Tap, Jazz, Ballet, and Hip-Hop. Our dance program teachers students to move in rhythm with music and follow sequences of steps.

Drama: Our drama program introduces students to all things stage related. Our students participate in productions large and small and learn how to be well-spoken and expressive actors and actresses.

Music: Our music program exposes student to a wide range of instruments, musical composition, and vocal experiences. Students learn to be comfortable performing with peers in variety of ways.

STEAM: Our STEAM is a project-based lab classroom where students explore arts integrated paths of inquiry with a NGSS focus and they learn how to mindfully design and build. This year we have incorporated the cooking farm to table component.

Visual Art: Visual art class teaches students the elements of art and principles of design. A variety of techniques and materials are used for creative expression including drawing, painting, printmaking, sculpture, and ceramics.

Please submit this survey by February 14.
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1 Drama Teacher, 1 Dance Teacher, 1 Music Teacher, 1 - Spanish Teacher, 1- 50% STEAM Teacher
1 Drama Teacher, 1 Dance Teacher, 1 Music Teacher, 1 Spanish Teacher, 1 - 50% Visual Art Teacher
After choosing between STEAM and Visual Art, please explain your reason?
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Do you feel Vista Academy is culturally sensitive?
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