Lake St. Lawrence Arts Survey
We're looking for artists, volunteers, and benefactors to help us create a vibrant artists' community in Waddington. If interested - or even curious - please complete the survey below to express your interests and needs. You'll receive news and updates by email, and can unsubscribe at any time. Completion of the survey does not obligate you to participate, but provides us with valuable information about the needs of local artists, and tells us where to focus first. Thank you so much for your time and participation! For more information about Lake Saint Lawrence Arts, please email
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Pick all roles that apply to you.
For Artists: what is your medium or type/style of performing art?
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For Artists: what arts organizations or clubs do you belong to?
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We are moving forward with a gallery. Please indicate any role(s) you are interested in for any of the following projects.
Paid Labor
Non-Juried Art/Craft Shop/Gallery
Private Studio Space
Shared Studio Space
Artist-in-Residence Program
Classroom Space
Group Meeting Space
Auditorium Performance Space
Share Office Space
Wholesale Art Products (Via K-12)
Event Planning & Organizing
Event Participation
If "Other," please explain.
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Are you considering starting your own shop?
If "Yes," please describe.
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Waddington-Area Property Owners: Do you have space to rent?
Renters: Would you be interested in leasing or purchasing residential space in the Waddington area??
Indicate the types of events you'd like to see, as well as your role in those events.
Performing Artists' Practice
Arts Performances
Poetry or Dramatic Readings
Coffee-Shop-Style Venues Performing Arts
Artists-in-Residence Programs
Weekend or Week-Long Intensive "Boot Camp" Workshops
Juried Art Shows
Non-Juried Craft Fairs
Arts-Related Competitions
Notable Artists or Performers
Regional (Perhaps National) Art and Performing Arts Events
What other thoughts and ideas do you have about this initiative?
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How did you hear about this initiative?
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