Plainfield's 68th Homecoming Parade Application
Parade Theme - Storytime
Parade - 9 am on September 28, 2019

Parade Rules
1. All entries must display the entry number in the window of the vehicle or on a sign that is carried.
2. All entries must be identified with a banner or sign displaying the name of your organization (i.e. Girl Scout #351)
3. All entries must reference the parade theme.
4. All entries must be in line by 7:45 am. Any entry not in line by 8:15 am will be moved to the end of the parade.
5. Candy or other items may be handed out but may NOT be thrown into the crowd.
6. No float may be over 13 feet high.
7. All entries must stay within 15 feet of the entry in front of them.
8. Performing entries be prepared to perform several times along the route, keeping the parade moving and enthusiastic.
9. All participants must be visibly in the uniform or costume of the organization that they represent.
10. Stroller allowed only if they are part of your entry.

You will receive an e-mail verifying we have received your entry. You will also receive your number and parade instructions via e-mail the week before the parade.

By completing this application the applicant agrees to abide by all Village Ordinances, and by the committee rules and regulations. The applicant acknowledges that the committee has the authority to govern the conduct and organization of the parade, and agrees to abide by all decisions made the day of the parade by the committee or by its agents. The Applicant agrees that it is responsible for the safety of its unit, properly connected therewith and persons affiliated with the unit. The applicant further agrees that it is responsible for all damages/injuries caused by the Applicant. The Applicant understands that this is an application only, and that the committee reserves the right to limit parade entries due to time allowances and District Growth. The number of entries may be limited by availability of space and any fees paid will be refunded. Politicians and over sized entries will be located at the end of the parade. By submitting an application you are agreeing to these terms.

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