Twenty-First Century African Youth Movement (AYM) is recruiting volunteers worldwide for its Africa Initiator’s programs.
There are two aspects to this recruitment.

First, there is the Africa Initiators Program (AIP). AIP volunteers are exceptional individuals with the drive and creativity to initiate an AYM program in their specific African countries of residence. Volunteers must be living in the country during the period of building the local, national movement.

Second, there is the Global Resource Mobilizers (GRM). These are volunteers outside of Africa with access to resources that would contribute to the development of the African movements.

The primary goal of the AIP and the GRM is to reduce youth unemployment and underemployment in Africa through entrepreneurship. AIPs are free to create programs that are consistent with the AYM Goal.

The United States as an AYM GRM and Sierra Leone as an AYM-AIP will serve as coordinating headquarter and secretariat for the AYM. The Sierra Leone program was temporarily shut down in 2014 due to the Ebola Epidemic. However, we plan on resuscitating the program in 2018 and are putting together a network of interested persons to jumpstart the Sierra Leone program and help spread the movement across Africa.

Background and Objectives:

Before the Ebola outbreak in Sierra Leone, AYM was running a Social Enterprise and Business Incubator Center in Mattru Jong, Bonthe District. The program was not receiving donor funding. We generate revenue through a 24/7 electricity using solar, wind and a diesel machine.

With energy, we were managing multiple income-generating ventures. We were also cultivating short duration vegetable gardens in five locations with a mining company as the primary market for our products. We were even running an animal husbandry!

The community gave us a land that includes a beach and waterfalls along the Jong River. Our ecotourism program grew out of this offer. There were fourteen youth staff and several volunteers working in the program. However, the Ebola epidemic brought our activities to a halt, taking a heavy toll on revenue.

As an organization, our mission is to educate and employ young people in technology, agribusiness, eco-tourism, entrepreneurship and the creative arts - a key to Sierra Leone’s economic growth and stability.
AYM is an emerging national initiative that invests in people, in their skills, in their ability to adapt and in their ability to innovate.

We have learned lessons. We are more than ready to succeed. We now have exit strategy plans for future occurrences in matters of civil strife and epidemics. Your support and participation to brainstorm the future of the movement and the Sierra Leone program will be vital.

I am counting on you.
Season's Greetings.
Abu-Hassan (Askia) Koroma, Founder

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