JailBreakMC Trainee Application
Make sure to put effort into your application!

Do not ask staff members about the status of your application as it will hurt your chance of becoming a Trainee.

If you are chosen for Trainee, you will be contacted via Discord by an Administrator.
This does not mean you have been accepted, however you have been contacted to continue the application process.

Thank you for showing interest in helping the server! Good luck!
What is your Minecraft username? *
What is your forums username? *
How old are you? *
We prefer 14+, but we have made exceptions in the past.
What timezone are you in? *
What rank are you? (Not Donator Ranks) *
What is your Discord username? *
We require Discord to become a Helper, as this is where Staff Chat takes place. You can make a Discord account very easily. Make sure to include your discriminator (the numbers after your username shown as #____)
Will any staff vouch for you? If so please list the staff member(s). *
Are you able to attend staff meetings every Saturday at 7:30pm GMT? *
Do you have any punishment history? *
If "Yes" to the previous question, please state what your punishments were.
If you didn't answer yes to the previous question, just proceed to the next question.
Are you multilingual? *
Have you read the rules on the forums and would agree that you have a good understanding of them? *
Have you read parts of the player handbook on the forums or /help and would agree that you have an understanding of basic game mechanics? *
About you!
Tell us about you! *
Why would you like to be staff on our server? *
In your opinion, what makes you stand out as a player? *
Scenario Section
A new player has joined the server and is asking how they progress through the prison. What useful information could you pass onto this player. *
A player asks how they access their advancements, what would your response be? *
A player wants to rankup as they have just accumulated enough money but it won't allow them. What could be this issue off this? and how will you help them? *
A player asks how they find PVP Tokens, how would you respond. *
Where would you go to purchase donor ranks, items and crates on the server? *
Is there anything else you'd like to add?
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