Big up the NHS with a verse...

**A great many people celebrated the 66th anniversary of the NHS on Saturday 5 July. We launched the first edition of the Big Up the NHS in verse e-book on the same day!**

We would like to thank all those who submitted the wonderful verses for this book which can be viewed and read at: . We hope you enjoy it and share in the emotions within the pages. Please share the link with your family and friends.

If after reading the verses, it inspires you to create and submit your own, please use the form below as we will update or create a second edition later in the year.

Big up the NHS was set up to counter the relentless tide of negative publicity that the NHS has experienced over recent years. We all know that bad things happen, but there is also a great deal of good. Millions of people experience great care. We aim to shout about the good stuff. It will improve morale of the staff and public confidence in the service – and both of these will lead to better outcomes and experiences for our patients.

So far we have used Twitter and Facebook to simply share good news but in this new venture we want – the great British public – to get in touch with your artistic side and write some poetry to Big Up the NHS.

You can use any style as long as it is less than 100 words. You might think about limericks, haiku, short poems or prose. It could be about your #NHS66 event or something personal about the NHS that makes/made your heart swell with pride, makes/made you glad that we have the NHS, makes/made you want to hug the people who work their socks off to help you or your family or your friends to get/feel better.

Here's my (Sandie's) contribution about my Mum who was known to everyone as Bai:

Bai was my lovely mum who lived in Colindale
Cancer made her diseased and frail :(
Every day they came
To keep Bai from pain
Those amazing nurses working in Colindale!

Send your effort to us and we will create an e-book to share with you and the world which shows what a great institution the NHS is!

Simple rules:
1) It should be in the form of a limerick, haiku or short poem (or piece of prose if rhymes delude you) (maximum of 100 words)
2) It should Big Up the NHS.
3) Absolutely no personal or political insults and no gratuitous profanities. Please keep it positive.
4) It should reflect something of personal meaning to you.

The deadline for submission is 5th July 2014 – the 66th birthday of the NHS

Terms and conditions
By submitting, you agree to have your name published alongside your offering. Equally, we promise to not do anything else with your personal information. We have the final decision on what gets into the e-book.

Thank you.

Steve Smith and Sandie Gay

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