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Dear Compass Center current and former clients, can you lend us a hand? We're getting ready to launch our new temporary housing and therapy services for survivors of domestic violence and their children. We want to publicly share quotes and stories explaining why survivors need these services. How do they help people feel safe and ready to begin rebuilding their lives?

You can choose to be identified as "ANONYMOUS," FIRST NAME ONLY, or FAKE NAME, depending on what is comfortable for you. Sharing your perspective is completely voluntary. If you choose not to participate, the services you receive will not be impacted in any way.

If you have questions, concerns, or would like to make changes to your permission status at any time, please contact

Thank you!
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How long was it until you found a permanent, safe place to stay?
How would a short-term rental assistance for you, your children, and pets have helped?
How would free therapy with a licensed professional have helped you and/or your children?
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