We at Websmash love what we do. Like, websites are our thing guys… but only once, well twice, have we met people more passionate than we are:
1 - usually people who own pitbulls
2 - definitely the amazing people running non-profits!

That being said, we love your passion and we would like to help you do what you do better!

Websmash has committed to helping one Non-Profit every year and you could be our pick for a free website (redesign if you already have one) and free website hosting with us for 12 months! To enter for consideration, please answer the following questions as best you can to help us know more about your organisation and website needs..
Hi! My name is: (no Slim Shady's please) *
You can reach me on: (email and phone number please) *
Name of non-profit organisation: *
Short description of your non-profit organisation: *
Where is your non-profit organisation based? *
Do you currently have a website? Please include address if you do: *
Do you own the domain name? *
Who is your current website host and do you have access to the backend logins and other technical babble? *
Would you like to take donations or other payments through the website? (Do you sell or auction off goodies to pay for the parts between loadshedding for example?) *
If yes, do you have this set up and working on your current site?
What would you like to change about your current website (what is bugging you?) *
What do you like about your current website that you would like to keep? *
Who will be the main contact for this project? Please include contact details: *
Bonus question:How much wood could a wood-chuck chuck if a wood-chuck could chuck wood? (only correct answers please) *
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