Personalized Swim Cap Order Form
Parents: Complete one form per swimmer if name on cap is different.
(PLEASE select 1 family member to take care of order - this helps reduce multiple orders per household.)

Personalized caps are available in latex or silicone. Minimum quantity is 2 per style/name. 2 latex caps will cost $16 (additional latex are $8 each) and 2 silicone caps will cost $30 (additional silicone at $15 each). Your swim club account will be charged prior to TEAM order - ALL caps must be prepaid to be included in team order. Your WEST account will be charged prior to team order submission.
Deadline to be included in this order is FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 18TH.
An email to review your order will be sent out by the 20th to confirm the order being billed.
Swimmer Name *
Latex ($8 each)
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Silicone ($15 each)
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Name for personalization on swim cap. Most common is last name (Smith) or first initial and last name (K. Smith). Remember minimum of 2 per name. *
Account Last Name (parent name for billing) *
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Swimmer Group - if more than 1 just select one of them. This is where caps will be delivered. *
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