2019 Texas A&M Plant Breeding Symposium Evaluation
We would like to thank you for attending the 2019 symposium, 'Plant Breeders, Assemble!’
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How was the audio quality of speakers and audience questions?
Overall, please rate the evening social and awards ceremony at The Corner Bar.
Please rate the quality and quantity of the food provided at The Corner Bar.
Do you agree with the following statements regarding the programming for our theme,‘Plant Breeders, Assemble! How interdisciplinary teams are working together for crop improvement’?
The theme was appropriate for the audience
The content addressed the theme
I was interested in "Integrating Pathology and Breeding for Wheat Resistance to Stem Rust", by Dr. Matthew Rouse
I was interested in "Models and methods for Genomic Selection", by Dr. Jose Crossa
I was interested in "Sorghum hybrid development in a commercial setting", by Dr. Laura Mayor
I was interested in "Evolution of potato: The world’s most important vegetable crop", by Dr. Robin Buell
I was interested in "Crop Improvement x Plant Breeding - An Evolving Interaction", by Dr. Bill Rooney
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Overall Thursday schedule length
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How would you rate the amount of email communication you received regarding the symposium.
Did Corteva's sponsorship of our symposium give you a positive impression of the company?
Overall, how would you rate the symposium?
Do you support the continuation of the Texas A&M Plant Breeding Symposium on an annual basis?
Please rate the overall organization of the Student Research Poster Competition.
Overall, please rate the student research oral presentations.
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Overall, please rate the value of student research at the Texas A&M Plant Breeding Symposium
Overall, please rate the Corteva Travel Scholarship presentations
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