SMARTSTART | Philanthropy Program
Congratulations on your decision to apply for consideration as the next extraordinary entrepreneur/expert with high potential we invest in. Please answer the questions provided in each section as best as you can. There are NO wrong answers, so don't hold back.

Do not worry if you don't have all the answers. No one does. Not even me! We are simply creating a starting point for productive research, future discussion, and informed decision-making with respect to your business if you are selected!

FYI: Your responses are sent to us both for reference. All information provided is kept confidential. I'm the only one who sees it until the final stage of the blind selection process. In other words, when our selection committee chooses an applicant to sponsor, they do so on the basis of your business idea or dream, i.e., without knowing who you are by name.

-- Linda M. Lopeke
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