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How many of your children are receiving a distance education? *
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The online sessions timing on the education platform is good for your children *
I am satisfied with the lessons provided on the Google classroom during Coronavirus (COVID-19) *
The distance learning method is better than the schooling method *
Your children learn from the educational content provided remotely during Coronavirus (COVID-19) *
Distance education is fair because it unifies the educational content to all students *
Your kids need your help while they follow the educational content on the e-learning platform *
My family and I feel satisfied and secure towards my children to receive distance education during Coronavirus (COVID-19) *
Your children enjoy the distance learning experience *
Distance education allows your children to learn in their comfort, according to their ability and speed of learning *
You benefit from the guides the school directs to organize the distance learning process *
Does the school communicate with you to direct the distance learning process? *
Which of the following challenges you faced while following up on the educational content during the Coronavirus (COVID-19): *
The way in which you follow the distance learning during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) (lessons programs, instructions, .....) *
We kindly request three suggestions to improve our educational services during Coronavirus (COVID-19):
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