U-Campus questionnaire
Dear Students,

In the near past an investing company bought an one and a half hectar big developing area in front of the Medical School crossed by Szigeti street and Tüzer street. On the area they would like to accomplish a complex "studentcity" which would include approximately 250 flats, also different kind of trading-, sport,- serving services. The planning and construction would start this December. The investors would like to take into account the needs of the future residentals of the "city" during the planning, therefore a fully satisfying living area and service portfolio could be finished.

We would like to ask you to help our work with filling out our survey, because this is a unique investment on a national level, and we would like to achieve a precise, fully satisfying result which would be easier this survery. The questionnaire is anonymus.

Thank you,

PTE Student Council

1. During your whole university studies would you
2. What is the most important viewpoint, when choosing a new apartment?
3. In which area around Pécs would live in the most?
4. In what kind of apartment would you live in the most?
5. On which floor would you live in the most?
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