Sustainability Pledge

Take the pledge to live a more sustainable life! The sustainability pledge is open to students, faculty and staff who are ready to incorporate more sustainable practices into their everyday life. By signing this pledge, you are supporting Wartburg College’s commitment to social and environmental responsibility.

By signing the pledge, you are also striving meet the following goals:

• Energy:
-Avoid using automatic powered doors when not necessary
-If physically able, reduce usage of elevators and use the stairs
-When natural light can substitute artificial, avoid turning on the lights
-Use water sparingly and responsibly
-Avoid adjusting heating and cooling settings in your living/working spaces
-Switch to CFL light bulbs when older, less energy efficient bulbs burn out
-Limit the loads of laundry you do in a week and use cold water when possible
-Unplug chargers, appliances, and electronics when not in use to reduce phantom electricity
-Avoid using your personal vehicle for errands that are within 2 miles of your home or campus- walk, ride your bike or carpool

• Waste:
-Recycle! –If you’re already recycling paper, reedemables, glass, tin and plastics begin recycling other items such as cell phones, ink cartridges, batteries, CFLs, etc.
-Reduce the amount of non-recyclable and recyclable products you use
-Reuse! i.e Use paper scraps instead of brand new sheets when able, use a reusable water bottle instead of limited use plastic bottles
-When composting is an option, compost

• Consumerism:
-Consider where items are made, the packaging, and the practices by which the product was produced
-When shopping at ‘big box’ stores or chains, ask yourself if you can buy the same item at a locally owned store –shopping locally creates more jobs than big box stores, and keeps the money you spend in your local economy.
-Shop at the farmers market for seasonal fruits and vegetables
-Before purchasing new office supplies, stop by REUSE(D) to see if the item you are looking for has been donated

• Live as a steward of the earth and teach your peers about sustainability through example

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