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Webinar to Yogic Lifestyle Model -
Here is a compressed video of a 90-minute webinar with essential pointers
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To Dive-in Right-away
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To Formulate a Game-Plan based on Yogic Lifestyle Model
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TOP 3 SECRETS TO YOGIC EMPOWERMENT - the Science behind the Yogic Lifestyle Model
With TRINITY of YOGIC LIFESTYLE MODEL - *Know Thyself *Work Thyself *Grow Thyself
At #1 Decoding Coding Module - Gear up to Integrate Yogic Lifestyle with Tech Lifestyle with Nature Care & Cure Bytes
At #2 Core Practice Module - Get onto 30 day Challenge with Integrative Techniques of Yogic Therapy
At #3 Premium Growth Module - Set off on the Intensive Yogi Pursuit imbibing the Fascinating Essentials of Existence
Here is a 3some Treat - from my YouTube Channel Papiya D Yogini
Claim your Handout - Guidelines for TechnoStress Conditions

To Gain Awareness & Take Charge
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To Start off on the Journey with a Bang
All Geared up to embark on a Transformational Journey... of Healing & Mentorship... bring about Work-Life Balance... Take Charge of your own Well-Being... Move Beyond where you find yourself today... with a Bigger Vision as part of a Bigger Mission... Revel in a Sense of Accomplishment... Treasure, Nurture & Culture the Gift you are... Discover the Potent Power you are... That Nature is... Inner, Deeper, Higher... Self, Soul, Spirit... Be the Creator of a Fulfilled Existence?
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