Board of Directors Application
At Camp Mujigae at Home 2021, during our Annual meeting, Camp Mujigae families will be electing three members to our Board of Directors: Vice President and two board members at large. All positions are for a two year term.

Camp continues every year only because of the generous gift of time and commitment by parents and volunteers. We are seeking candidates who believe in our mission and have the willingness to devote time and effort to the ongoing operations of Camp Mujigae.

To ensure a promising future, members serving on Board of Directors must devote time and effort to strengthening the foundation of Camp Mujigae and the ongoing operations of Camp Mujigae. Please complete this application.

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Camp Mujigae Mission
The mission of Camp Mujigae is to provide a social and cultural program for Korean-American children and their families.
Board of Director Duties and Responsibilities
To ensure a promising future for Camp Mujigae, Members serving on Board of Directors must have a willingness to devote time and effort to strengthening the foundation of Camp Mujigae and to ongoing operations of Camp Mujigae.

Officers are considered members of the Board of Directors and have the same voting privileges as Board of Directors.
Officers and Board of Directors serve a 2-year term.

We highly encourage new volunteers to apply for a position. Having new members on the board brings fresh, new energy to the board and keeps Camp Mujigae thriving.

The President will preside over all member meetings, board of Director meetings and serve as “ex-officio” member on all committees

Duties and Responsibility of Camp Mujigae Board of Directors
1. Actively participate in the management, organization and operations of Camp Mujigae
2. Promote Camp Mujigae in a positive manner by networking and sharing information with individuals and members of community in which you are connected
3. Attend all Board of Director meetings. Unexcused absence of any board member from more than two consecutive meetings shall be regarded as a resignation of the position.
4. Serve on the Camp Committee (comprised of BOD and Camp Coordinators with the purpose of planning and implementing for the upcoming camp)
5. Direct and lead a camp department. Distributing the workload equally among board members keeps the workload manageable and prevents burn out.
6. Provide onsite volunteer support during pre-camp set up and at camp. You MUST be present at camp.
7. Use discretion and confidentiality of Camp Mujigae matters during and after term
8. Stay informed about issues confronting Camp Mujigae by reading minutes, reports, and messages
9. Promptly reply to messages
10. Attend camp Wrap up meeting
11. Advise and orient the incoming member on your departments responsibilities and duties

Duties and Responsibility of the Vice President
1. The main duty of the Vice President to assist the President and other board members in completing their duties
2. Preside over meetings/activities in the absence of the President
3. Serve on the Executive Committee
4. Serve as Counselor Coordinator
5. Provide onsite volunteer support during pre-camp set up and at camp. You MUST be present at camp.

Tentative Board of Director meeting Schedule:
July 15, 2021at 7:30pm- Camp 2021 Wrap Up and BOD orientation meeting via Zoom
Board of Directors meet monthly year round, with a break of no meetings in August and September. Meetings are held remotely, the Third Thursday of the month
June 2022- Meeting in person at camp same day as camp set up (day before camp starts. Date TBD)
Zoom link will be sent out to elected Board members after the Annual Meeting.

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