College Park Grad Nite 2020 Ticket Reservation & Waiver
This waiver & permission form is required for graduates to attend Grad Nite 2020 at Dave & Busters on the night of the Senior Graduation Ceremony. To reserve your ticket now please fill out the form completely, digitally sign, and submit. (last date to reserve / pay for Grad Nite is currently *May 8th.) -- We need an absolute headcount. *tickets may not be available after this date.

After you have reserved your ticket, you can purchase it using the purchase button on or you can wait 'til 4 weeks prior to the event (currently May 8th * but subject to change). We will remind you via email when the date gets closer. Please let all your senior friends know about this form.

All graduates will be required to pass a breathalyzer screening and pat-down before boarding the buses. If alcohol or drugs are found with a student, the substance will be confiscated and the parent/guardian will be notified immediately to pick up their student. Signing the permission slip authorizes candid photos of the event, including graduates, to be posted on a secure website. *(parent/guardian signature required for those under 18).
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By signing below, you (parent's name) indicate the acceptance of the rules, requirements and policies which the Grad Nite Committee of 2020 have set forth here: . The graduating senior will be bused to the College Park Grad-Nite celebration and will remain on the premises until 4:00 am. There are no in and out privileges at the venue and graduates are not allowed to drive to/from the venue, we are providing bus transportation to/from the venue. I/We release College Park High School, the Mt. Diablo School District, the Grad Nite 2020 Committee and any and all hired vendors from any and all liability of any occurrence en route to, during, or after the Grad Nite event. Parent's Name (By Typing my Name I agree to all parts of the Waiver) *
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