Come Home to Calmar: A Virtual Escape Room
This escape room is intended for all ages, and can be completed on your own, or with friends and family. We hope you enjoy it! Make sure you have a pencil and paper handy (or a phone, if you prefer to take pictures) to help as you progress through the escape room.

We recommend having the escape room open in a separate web browser page or tab to avoid losing your progress when clicking on links.
About Us
The Calmar Public Library is proud to bring you this escape room in collaboration with the Town of Calmar. To learn more, please visit us online!

Town of Calmar: ||
Calmar Public Library: ||
How It Works:
When working your way through the escape room, ensure you always hit "Next" at the bottom of the page until you reach a question that requires answering.

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You MUST complete the escape room on MONDAY, FEBRUARY 15th to be eligible for the prize draw.

You MUST include all required contact information, and remember to click "Submit" at the bottom of the last page of this form in order for your entry to be received. If you don't click "Submit," we will have no way of knowing you completed the escape room!
At what time did you start the escape room? *
Welcome to Calmar!
Click "Next" to begin the escape room.
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