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Please share the name(s) of the teacher(s) for the corresponding class(es) being taken at school. For instance, if you are registering your student for our AP Chemistry and Algebra 2 Review Sessions, please share the names of the teachers your student has for AP Chemistry and Algebra 2 at school: Mrs. Jones (AP Chemistry), Mr. Thomas (Algebra 2). If you are not certain, please write TBD, and you can share that information when you find out.
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*Each Exam Review Session costs $225, due by the week before the session.*
By selecting the box below, you acknowledge that in order for your request to be confirmed, the $225 payment (per Exam Review Session) must be received by the week before the scheduled date to guarantee your spot. If you have a House Account, we will automatically bill your credit card. If not, you may pay online at https://bethbristow.com/client-resources/ or call us at 770-989-1165 to give your credit card information over the phone. * *
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