2017-2018 Lown Institute Right Care Educator Program Application
The Right Care Educator Program provides chief residents with training and support to implement Right Care Rounds in their home institutions. Right Care Rounds use the familiar format of a case presentation, incorporating evidence-based discussions that explore the drivers of medical overuse and promote appropriate, patient-focused care. Goals for Right Care Rounds include teaching clinicians to: recognize and avoid overuse; consider both clinical and social needs of patients; and identify opportunities to improve the quality of care. Right Care Rounds may also address barriers to accessing care, how to care for patients without strong social networks, and failures in patient safety.

Application Deadline:
October 27, 2017

Chief Residents in ACGME-accredited training programs in the United States*

• Commitment to implement Right Care Rounds on a monthly basis
• Participation in a 2 part web-based training program (1.5 hours each)
• Completion of an end of year program evaluation
• Commitment to work with a Faculty Mentor in your Residency Program

IMPORTANT: Please submit your resume/CV to apply@LownInstitute.org. Your application will be considered complete once you've submitted this form and your resume. An email will be sent to you indicating the completion of your application once both are received.

*We will consider other extremely qualified applicants in a limited number of cases. If you are interested in applying for the program, but are not a Chief Resident or in a team with a Chief Resident, please contact us directly at apply@LownInstitute.org.

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