WOOP My Irish Language
WOOP is a proven science-based mental strategy to better acheiving your wishes in life. It's an effective way to overcome beliefs that can be holding you back from learning to speak the Irish language.

WOOP is described at http://woopmylife.org/ . It was developed by Gabriele Oettingen (NYU professor) and colleagues. We have no affiliation, simply a great admiration for this effective method.

Fill in your WOOP below in four steps, and we at Bitesize Irish Gaelic will reply if we have any insights to help you achieve your Irish language learning goals.

Ready to start? Give yourself time to think deeply. Ensure you're in a place with no interruptions. Visualise each answer before filling it in.

Step 1: What is your wish? *
What is your most important wish or concern around learning the Irish language, that you could achieve within the next 4 weeks? Pick one that feels like a challenge, but that you suspect you can achieve.
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Step 2: What is the best outcome? *
Imagine your wish really has come true. What does it feel like, sound like? What's the most positive outcome? What will your life look like once you've acheived it? Think deeply about this.
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