2020-2021 Tremont Family Support Form
Complete this form and help us get a thorough understanding of how we can support your family.

If you would rather speak to us directly, please contact any of the following staff members: Jen Caeti (Head of Food Services TCS) at jcaeti@mdirss.org, Anne Dalton (Guidance Counselor) at adalton@mdirss.org, Kelsea Squires (School Nurse) at ksquires@mdirss.org, or Jandrea True (Principal) at jandrea.true@mdirss.org. We will email or call you back. Thank you!
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If you would like to sign up for food support during this period of remote learning, please indicate that here.
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If you answered YES, how many children 18 years and under in your household?
If YES, do you have access to reheating food if necessary?
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If YES, please list any food allergies that we need to be aware of.
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If you answered YES to either the food or basic needs questions, please list some of your needs. *
Would your child benefit from a hotspot to support internet access during remote learning?
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Let us know what things are going well or are challenging right now. If there is something challenging for your family right now, how we can help?
Is there anything else you want to share with us? Use this space to send us any questions or comments you may have. Thank you!
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