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Here, you can submit a track, you MUST own the track with FULL permissions. Copyrighted tracks WILL BE REMOVED if I get a copyright notice, if I do, I will let you know first, and you, the owner must give me permissions to upload the track.
I know the stress of YouTube copyright, if I find that your track has no copyright infringement, but has a copyright claim on it, I help you out, your video will not be taken down.
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This is way for artists like you to get part of your video revenue! I ABIDE BY YOUR LICENSE, IF YOU DO NOT OWN THE BEAT EXCLUSIVELY, MARK "No, no revenue will be made.". IF YOU MARK YES, EMAIL ME YOUR EXCLUSIVE LICENSE (ONLY PDF's WILL BE READ), IF IT IS FREE FOR PROFIT, SEND A REFERENCE LINK. ( Please Note: || Tracks using my beat will max at 30% || Tracks not using my beat will max at 50% (paid to promote) || Tracks not using my beat but promoted for free will max at 20% ||
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