Examining the Intersection of Art and Gentrification in New York City
Cristina Ferrigno's MFA Project under Social Practice Queens

I asked 5 NYC based artists to respond to prompts on the intersectionof the art world and the gentrification of New York City.

Now, I invite you, fellow NYC based creatives, to examine art’s rolein the changing landscape of the city and your own role in it:

The impact of gentrification on your neighborhood, give examples of art that subvert the dynamics, the role of POC bourgeoisie & Gentefication and what does sustainability look like in terms of community and the urban landscape?
Welcome, please take your time and answer the applicable questions.
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What is your working definition of gentrification? *
How do identify your profession? *
What is your role in the city? *
If your neighborhood has experienced gentrification, how has it intersected with the arts if at all?
Is there a particular work or artist that subverts the dynamics of gentrification that you feel works especially well and why?
*For POC folks only* What are your thoughts on the concept of younger, wealthier or more educated POC/Queer folks displacing folks in existing marginalized communities? --See concept of Gentefication. How has this informed your politics and/or practice?
In thinking about Sustainability in terms of lasting impact, how have your ideas lived on after you've physically left a place or community?
Are you a gentrifier? *
Thank you for your answers, please enjoy this meme!
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