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In helping our Discipleship Group (“Dgroup”) leaders towards Christlikeness, Christ’s Commission Fellowship (“CCF”) has implemented the 360° Feedback as a tool in evaluating and mentoring Dgroup Leaders with the goal of instilling Christlikeness in their various areas of life.

The 360° Feedback replicates in an online manner our church practice of encouraging feedback from the family members and Dgroup members of the Dgroup Leader – for the purpose of discipling and accountability, as well as to understand the issues that are commonly faced by our Dgroup Leaders and to develop programs, sermons, and solutions to help address such issues. 


1.Dleaders will be informed about the conduct of 360° Feedback.

2.Dleader will inform family and friends and invite them to provide feedback.

3.Overall feedback results shall be generated and processed by CCF Data Processors.

4.Individual 360° Feedback reports shall be prepared and sent to Pastors & upline Dleader.

5.Upline Dleader shall conduct meaningful conversations.

6.Dleaders shall respond to a form link to confirm 360° Feedback process completion.


This DLeader’s 360° Feedback Form is created and managed by Christ’s Commission Fellowship (“CCF”). In doing so, we take your concerns about privacy seriously and we make every reasonable effort to respect it in accordance with the Data Privacy Act of 2012.

All of the information that you and your evaluators will be providing will be processed by CCF in accordance with its DLeader’s 360° Feedback Privacy Policy (the “Privacy Policy”) (you may access the policy here: Information shared in this system is processed solely to pursue the legitimate interests of CCF and its members as a Christian church congregation.  We will never use any information you provided for commercial purposes or unrelated purposes, and any necessary disclosure to third parties shall be done in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

By agreeing to take part in this DLeader’s 360° Feedback Form, you are consenting to the following:

 (1) Collection, recording, and storage of your personal data that you have provided through the use of Google Forms, and the terms and condition and the privacy policy of Google forms (;

(2) Evaluation by your family members, Dgroup members, peers, or other persons you are sufficiently acquainted with (the “evaluators”);

(3) Collection, recording, evaluation, and storage of information pertaining to you, as may be provided by your evaluators;

(4) Processing and disclosure of the above information to authorized CCF pastor/staff who are obliged to respect its confidentiality and handle the information securely and privately; and

(5) Disclosure of the contents of your feedback to the Dgroup Leader and/or your satellite/pastoral  area pastor

By participating in this DLeader’s 360° Feedback, you further agree and confirm that all the statements, evaluation, and information provided by you and by your evaluators has your express and informed consent and may be handled by CCF in accordance with its Privacy Policy, and that should there any be concern with regard to the handling of your information, you will first bring the same to the attention of CCF for proper remediation.

By participating, you also confirm that you have read andunderstood our Privacy Policy and agree with the same. 


Due to the fact that feedback will come from persons not controlled or supervised by CCF, CCF does not warrant or guarantee the accuracy or completeness of information provided by the evaluators through the DLeader’s 360° Feedback Form, which may include unsolicited feedback. Information provided therein are meant for further discussion between the participant with their pastor or Dgroup Leader during their discipling or accountability sessions.

Therefore, CCF shall not act or make decisions that would affect the participant based solely on anonymous or unverified information. 


Your participation in the DLeader’s 360° Feedback is voluntary. It is up to you to decide whether or not to take part in the DLeader’s 360° Feedback. If you decide to take part in this study, you will be asked to sign a consent form. After you sign the consent form, you are still free to withdraw at any time without giving a reason by notifying our Data Protection Officer. Withdrawing from the DLeader’s 360° Feedback will not affect your status and membership in the CCF.

If you withdraw from the DLeader’s 360° Feedback before data collection is completed, your data will be destroyed.


As an upline Dgroup leader, you may also be made privy to information given by evaluators of your downline Dgroup leaders. In such cases, you unconditionally agree and understand the responsibility of non-disclosure of the information regarding your downline Dgroup leaders entrusted to you and that you will abide by the CCF’s Discipleship Covenant regarding confidentiality. If you are unsure on how to handle such information, you agree to first consult with your satellite/area pastor or lead overseer for proper guidance. 

I have read and understood everything that is written above: *
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