Equity and Access: Application for Reduced-fee Registration
At the National Equity Project, we are committed to doing that which we support others to do: create access and opportunity for equity leaders to get what they need in order to solve their own problems. Our equity and access strategy is aligned with our values and mission, and is an explicit attempt to reach those who need our services the most.

In an effort to increase equity and access to our Center for Equity Leadership institutes, we are offering reduced-fee seats on an application-basis. We encourage folks to apply who:

○ are mission-aligned
○ have limited access to financial resources for professional development
○ are underrepresented in our event attendee population, and / or
○ work in isolation or as individuals

To be considered for one of these seats, please complete this form to give us a better understanding of who you are and the situation in which you are working. We will be in touch within two weeks of submission.

Directions: If you are applying as a individual, please complete the first section only and select individual at the bottom, after which you will be prompted to submit. If you are applying as a team, please select team at the bottom of the form and add teammates as necessary, up to eight.

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Please rank the top three institutes you and/or your team are interested in attending
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Leading for Equity (Non-residential), Oct 2018
Coaching for Equity, Nov 2018
Designing and Facilitating Meetings for Equity, Jan 2019
Coaching for Equity: A Focal Student Approach, Jan 2019
Leading for Equity, Feb 2019
Leading and Designing for Equity in Complex Systems, Feb 2019
Leading for Equity, Feb 2019
Leading for Equity - Midwest, Feb 2019
Instructional Coaching for Equity, Mar 2019
Leading for Equity, Mar 2019
Coaching for Equity, Jun 2019
Designing and Facilitating Meetings for Equity, Jun 2019
Leading for Equity (Non-residential), Jun 2019
Leading and Designing for Equity in Complex Systems, Jun 2019
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