BioCurious Project disclosure
This form is to communicate with the safety team about your project(s) at BioCurious.

For first time users, this is a record to the safety team to tell them what you are working on. You must include the organisms you are working with and any hazardous wastes you will generate. BioCurious is a BSL-1 ONLY facility and projects MUST adhere to this. We work with our members to ensure safe practices and experiments.

Any new organism or project change must be approved via this form. Members are required to keep safety up-to-date on the projects going on at BioCurious. Failure to do so can result in substantial fines and penalties in addition to revoking membership.

Here is the list of FAQs that might help to guide you.

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You Name: *
Please describe the project you would like to do at BioCurious. Be sure to include your methods and what safety precautions you will use. Feel free to attach a document below. *
Please link any documents or protocols describing what you will be doing and how.
What organisms will you be using? *
BioCurious is a BSL-1 facility and all microorganisms MUST be rated BSL-1. Compliance is strictly enforced. Any organism brought into BioCurious without the safety board approval will result in substantial fines and penalties.
What chemicals do you plan on using? Disposal of hazardous material is the responsibility of the member. *
Please upload any supporting documentation, including journal articles, ATCC organism descriptions, Vendor product descriptions.
Anything else we should know?
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