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The goal of the Cape Cod Reopening Task Force is to pursue a safe and structured approach to reopening commercial and social activities on Cape Cod. Your comments will be reviewed as part of the task force's pursuit of that objective.
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Do you and family depend on multiple sources of income (1099 work, rental, "gig", part-time, or short-term) in addition to your industry affiliation above? If applicable, please detail.
If Cape Cod experiences a "muted" summer with less seasonal visitors and tourist activity, please detail how this will affect you, the business you work at, or the business that you own?
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As the Commonwealth makes determinations about allowing businesses to reopen and employees to return to work, what do you anticipate will be the greatest barriers?
Has your business, industry, or group developed a playbook for returning to work? What precautions do you anticipate are necessary to protect employees, customers, and the general public?
What are the most critical supplies (or other factors) necessary for normal business activity or regular work to resume in the near term?
Should a phased reopening begin, how much advanced notice would you, your family, or your industry need to reopen effectively?
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