Makos Ultimate Lockdown Challenge
We know it's hard not being and training with your teammates during lockdown however we can still have fun, challenge ourselves. We challenge you to a friendly competition from your own home.

Let's see which club and member can clock the most minutes of INTENTIONAL PHYSICAL ACTIVITY throughout the challenge and take bragging rights!


OPEN TO all active and registered Swimming Canterbury West Coast, Nelson Marlborough, Otago and Southland members within the SNZ database.

INTENTIONAL PHYSICAL ACTIVITY is an activity that is done with the intent of being active and that elevates your heart rate.

MUST comply with the COVID-19 Lockdown restrictions while doing these activities i.e. no touching public equipment, social distancing (2m rule), remaining within your iso bubble & staying within your neighbourhood.

RECORD YOUR MINUTES of INTENTIONAL physical activity at the end of each day using the below google form.

Reminder: this is a high trust system where we are relying on total honestly and fair play when logging your intentional physical activity minutes each day. We will not be accepting logs with an extreme number of minutes! Your club values are even more important at a time like this – do not be the member that lets your club down.

Weekly Individual Prizes
Top three participants receive a $50.00 Swim T3 voucher, redeemable online or in-store.
Announced Thursdays, 16 & 23 April

Overall Winning Club
$300.00 in cash to spend however you wish, such as lane hire or new equipment.
Announced Thursday 23 April. Club results: participant minutes divided by Swimming NZ registered member numbers.

Social Media updated daily tallies. Share with your region your daily intentional physical activity by sending a message, an email, or alternatively by tagging them in your posts/stories (make sure your accounts are public and your privacy settings allow us to see your posts!).
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