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Please complete this form and then set up your crowdfunder page to register for the Strath Stride.

If the participant is under 18, a parent or guardian should complete this form.
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Understanding our impact
We would like to try and measure the impact of participating in the Strath Stride as it is not only about the fundraising. We would appreciate it if you could answer the following questions to let us know where you are at now. We'll ask again at the end of the challenge.

If participating as an individual, please complete the questions thinking about yourself. If you are participating in a group, you can either discuss and select an answer that best represents you as a group or pick one individual from the group and complete the questions thinking about them (just make sure you do the same thing when we ask you at the end!)

The answers to these questions will be collated then anonymised and used to evaluate the impact of participation in the Strath Stride event. The results may also be used to support future funding applications.
Thinking about yourself (or your group as a whole), please rate your current level of....
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5 - High
Activity (being physically active)
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What would you like to get out of your challenge?
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