Greymont Residents
Hi and welcome to Greymont, we are striving to keep up with our motto of "A Community that Cares", with that spirit in mind we would like to get to know you and find out how we can make this suburb better for you.
What we can do for you:
Where would you like us, as the Greymont Forum, to do more? *
What would you like to see more emphasis given to in Greymont under the auspices of the Greymont Residents Forum.
High Priority
Medium Priority
Low Priority
N / A
Maintenance issues
Security related issues
Community events
Sporting related events
Keep me more informed via Website
Keep me more informed via WhatsApp
Of the Greymont Forum’s work, what do you appreciate? *
You are great!
Don't care actually
You are crap.
Didn't Realise you did that
Our Worker Robert cleaning up the streets
Making sure the street lights stay on
Cleaning up our parks (via our worker or pressure on City Parks)
Keeping the residents up to date with the website
What do you think of the Greymont Forum’s work in the suburb so far? *
Awesome Job!
Zuma does more than you.
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