Hopping 4 A Cure Volunteer
Hopping 4 A Cure Volunteers are a tenacious team of talented tribesmen who happen to take Recess and helping those affected by Multiple Sclerosis very seriously.

These beautiful people will be responsible for raising awareness and support for Multiple Sclerosis in your local communities. Volunteers will combine their passion for sports, science, and/or the arts with community service to bring new energy to Multiple Sclerosis fundraising & recruiting.


Hopping 4 A Cure™ for Multiple Sclerosis is a Trademarked, Incorporated, Full 501(c)3 non-profit organization that hosts Hopscotch Tournaments raising money and awareness for Multiple Sclerosis. Proceeds go toward College Scholarships, Caregiver Support, and Alternative Medical Research.

With your help, we can all HOP in the HOPE of a world free of Multiple Sclerosis.

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Email: David Nassau - David@mshopscotch.org

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