UltraVox Choir E.O.I
Artful Dodgers Studios are seeking expressions of interest from young singers and those with an interest to participate in a new vocal ensemble project, Ultravox Choir.

Participants will work with choir conductor, seasoned musician and composer, Stella Savy and vocalist and songwriter Louise Terry across a series of 8 vocal ensemble workshops that will culminate in a flash mob choir performance in public spaces within Melbourne City and the Yarra area.

Each workshop will run for 3hrs from 3-6pm every Friday afternoon for 8 weeks from 11th October until 29th November 2019 with the performance night on Friday 6th December.

About the choir: Ultravox choir will be exploring themes related to recent violent attacks in Melbourne which have left many young women, trans people and BIPOC in particular, feeling unsafe on the streets at night. Through the power of protest singing, Ultravox choir will take to the streets of Yarra for one night of pop-up flash mob performances in spaces and places where young people often feel vulnerable or unsafe. Ultravox choir’s mission is to take back the night and to fill these spaces with singing bodies, who stand in solidarity for a safer Melbourne where violence is not socially acceptable.

The repertoire selected will be made up of protest songs from around the world, as well as the songs that you create. Stella Savy will work on the vocal arrangements for these songs and give you the skills to sing and perform to your full potential.

EOI are open to all young people aged 14 - 27 with an interest in the project’s theme and/or in group singing and no musical experience is necessary.
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