Overly Animated Miraculous Ladybug Survey
Fill out this quick, fun, anonymous survey if you've ever listened to OVA Ladybug podcasts! You had to log-on to google but that doesn't tell us who you are, just limits this to 1 per person. For a lot of these questions you might want a more nuanced answer but just pick one cause it's for fun! Don't answer any question you don't want to, everything is optional.
Who is your favorite character?
What's the best season of Ladybug so far?
Do you hate Lila?
What's your favorite episode of Ladybug so far?
Pick your favorite of the four ships!
When will Ladybug & Chat learn of each other's identities?
Is Adrien a sentimonster?
Who is your favorite main Overly Animated cohost on Ladybug pods?
Who's most likely to be akumatized?
Is Dylan's Luka impression funny?
Would you want your own dead wife garden like April?
Which do you love more?
Do we talk about space dumpsters enough on the podcast?
Are you over or under 21 years old?
What's your gender identification?
Do you identify as LGBTQIA+?
When will Season 4 premiere in any country??
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